Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thing #26 I wasn't initially excited. Searching for titles in WorldCat for ISBNs, for information, even to find titles on subjects, seems to have led to a "so what" attitude. Well, this is a whole new ballgame! I like the lists, and the sharing of lists. Definitely a tailor made social application for librarians, and people who think like librarian, or just like books.

And just as requested in the homework, I created a profile, edited, favorited 2 libraries, made 2 lists, and am "watching" two lists. I didn't review anything, or tag anything, but may sometime. I did email one of my lists to my hotmail account--there seems to be more than one way to do it. I tried to do it the hard way, first, of course, so now I have a Gmail account.

I wonder if school and public libraries in the same towns could use this so share Summer Reading lists (from school), and Summer Reading Program lists?

And think of all the teaching & library students who could create all sorts of helpful subject lists, by grade level, subject, etc., for classes?