Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CDPT23 #3

My online presence. Has certainly changed.

It is time to work on a personal brand.  I can think of three separate times when I've Googled my name. The first time I didn't even do the searching, and hardly anything came up--it was when I was shopping for my laptop.  The second time was for Library 2.0 Nebraska, and it was interesting, since I knew there were at least two other people with my name. But in the mean time, Google's search algorithms have improved, I've responded to blogs, written blogs, and gone on Twitter.

I've always tried to remember that whatever I write here is going to stay here. And anyone may read it.  But I have lost my temper. And I have a quirky sense of humor. Goodness knows I'm not always concise or clear when I write. And I can write. Usually? ;-)  Both my blogging and my blog comments need to stay professional. But Twitter is more casual, even when it's professional. And the Facebook page I have is personal, which is why it;s been languishing this year. But to be truthful, I was overwhelmed with the number of hits I found through Google.