Friday, June 4, 2010

Thing #36

Revisiting Flickr was fun, and the presentation on Webjunction wasn't bad. It would be particularly good for a small public library for marketing purposes. Especially showing all the services, materials, and programs going on at the library. And there are ways of getting around showing the littlest of children during story time--the librarian with puppets, the librarian being animated during the telling, and the backs of the children's heads. Older kids participating in game days at the library. The new book shelf with the latest titles. Maybe even showing the technical services side of the larger libraries--catalogers or acquisitions librarians at work.

What really appealed to me was the sense of creating a historical narrative of the library and the community, that hadn't existed before. Capturing today, while it can be correctly annotated, unlike "Nebraska Memories" where some of the information is sometimes missing or incomplete.

I also really like the concept of using existing photos from one's own library for posters as portrayed in the presentation. A good way to present we're more than just books...or a way to show we''re part of the community...

And uploading pictures has gotten a lot simpler. I haven't tried to do it from home yet, or to share from Facebook, but moving them from the work computer to Flickr seemed much easier this time, especially moving more than one photo at time.