Friday, August 21, 2009

Thing #27, part 2

Well I'm having fun and learning how to get around on Facebook. It's still a little frustrating from time to time, getting the hang of commenting on someone else's wall, getting used to the comments showing up under someone's original comment, and all. And I finally found the apps. All by myself! Took long enough! And I really need to do sometning about that darn picture, but do I find to upload pictures from home, when I'm there? HA! I finally got a batch printed. But guys, I've got a question. Why do you all take so many pictures of yourselves? Oh, drat, that's right, you're not all single, so those aren't just your own cameras. But, but...I don't take my own picture...(I've tried, they look weird.) I even got the Facebook app., er, whatever on my blog. I've even sighned up for a couple of groups not suggested by our fearless leader, and hope for help on one or two questions I have.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thing #27

Part 1.
Well. A bit hesitant about doing anything with Facebook, with all the press about it. People putting up too much information, or saying too much, being indiscreet, indiscreet photos, etc. But, well, it's a learning experience. And it certainly has been! Much harder than it looks. Blogging is easier! Butting new things on the blog is easier! I still can't find new apps!

But I have done some new stuff--there's a photo on my profile--still don't have one on my blog. And friends added. I've added a group from our list, and one I found myself (knitting). The parameter I used for choosing the group were--large group, since the smaller ones seemed likely to really be frends, and the other things that were going on at the large group--not just events, but blogs, a link to a new site I'd read about. Since I'm looking to this group for advice, I wanted a large one that might have an archive to search. I also have found that you can find a lot of things when you search through Facebook. Not to mention topics/information gets posted there. I ran accross this in my reading in my email:

Well, isn't that fuzzy. It's a snippet from Information Today [], an email information news link I get. I thought it was interesting tthat a Company that puts out the Consumer Confidence Index would use not only Twitter, but Facebook for business purposes. And getting the snippet there was an education in itself, too--it's a jpeg file, not a simple copy and paste operation, and it didn't take me forever to figure out! Ha!