Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thing #30

Finally getting to do Thing#30--which only shows how busy November was. Well, actually started on it, but didn't get to do the blog thing until now. Excuses, excuses.

Here it is. I added Visual Bookshelf, and Living Social Book, which just seems to echo it. As usual, when I was asked what to add, my mind went blank. And then the old favorite popped up-C.J.Cherryh. So I started entering her books. And the software didn't keep up. I think I entered eight or nine titles, and nearly got thrown out my first exposure to Visual Bookshelf. Later I played with entering more titles, and even trying out the recommendation tab--and I did find a few titles I hadn't heard of , but looked interesting. But it does have a tendence to go after authors I have read--and that means I get to add to my "have read" section. But it also means that the recomends have a tendency toward those authors, too.

I'm very suprised at the reading list put up by the recommenders--in there with the "hot" books are classics like Tom Sawyer, and even Shakepearian plays! I'm not sure what to make of the last. Reading the play isn't as much fun as watching it, but I understand in the UK they do have a tendency to watch it with a copy of the play on their lap--at least at home. (I wouldn't lug my copy of the Bard's works to the theatre!)

It is interesting to find out what my friends are reading. Everyone has such different taste in literature.

I did find it more usable for the "layman" than worldcat, although worldcat was more robust for working with. Any time I entered information in Visual Bookshelf, I wondered what would show up next--and it wasn't always a return to the same screen. I did go into Living Social Book which at that moment at leasst, just seemed to be the same thing as Visual Bookshelf! All the way down to the lists! So confused. But I think it will be VB, in the end.

And now to go Christmass shopping