Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thing #23 in Library 2.0

Is this the end? Wait, two more weeks, right? Encores, right? Sigh.

I'll miss doing such talented things as posting completely empty blogs, complete with perfectly good titles. Going nuts over trying to move something, then realizing the next day, after carefully looking at the example, I was trying to move it from the wrong page. Thank goodness posting things to the blog, etc. finally got easier for me. And I finally started looking at the examples a little harder.

I did really enjoy the chance to learn new things, even, and especially since I had to work for everything I learned. It gives me a little more patience and confidence in approaching new applications. And trying to make old ones do new things. I really like Flickr, Meebo, and LibraryThing. I might even have to use Rollyo. I may have gained a little understanding of the structure of the computer...ummm, maybe not. Oh, well, almost.

I'd do another discovery program like this in a New York minute.

Can we do mashups next?

"Is this the end? of Library 2.0


Ooooooh! Far too much fun! I think I really like IM! I can see why it's so useful for Refence and help on OPACs and other library sites. Anywhere a customer might get stuck could really use help, could really use one of those widgets, linked to the right person to give that help. I asked for some etiquette pages, since I had no idea. I just blurted my question right out, without a "knock first" motion of any kind. I'm too used to writing being writing, and not being instantly read--sort of a synthesis of reading and speaking. Our chat got a little "garbled", but I think thats the fault of me not keeping it short. I'm far too much of a writer, and not enough of a talker.

And as you can see, I added a Meebo widget to the blog. In technocolor, of course.

Oh, before I forget, here are the sites,Inc Magazine:

PC Magazine:,99405-page,1/article.html

The PC Magazine article also links to articles on "Internet Lingo and Emoticons. "

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I really enjoyed the Booktalk podcast, as well as the one from NPR on books. No surprise there, I suppose. And the directories were easy enough to use, once you got the hang of it. I did like the ease of adding the Book review podcast from NPR to my RSS feed, I couldn't believe I'd added it with the first try! All in all, useful, easy to use, if you can stand sitting and listening, and doing nothing. For some reason, it got on my nerves.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You Tube

There's a lot of fascinating and funny stuff on You Tube. A lot of it is just over the top amateur, but I have seen enough that is helpful, like demos for book and page repair that were found on You Tube. And the following video on open access,

There were even educational spots for libraries, as well as "meet the new staff" spots, as well as ninja librarians, and librarians line dancing.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

book marks, book marks.....

So, how many book mark apps does there need to be? There were three that won awards, and one honorable mention, and none were Against advice, I looked at two--inadvertently, actually. Both Ma.gnolia (#1) and Furl (#2) are social bookmarking spaces, and they both allow private lists, bookmarklets, sharing, and searching, but for some reason I really like Furl. So I read more of the documentation. Not only did it seem a little more likely that I could set up a private list, I could move in "favorites" from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and more. Their "tags" are "not as intrusive" and are called keywords. I'm not sure what that means. And you can use a bookmarklet to add new URLs to your account. I does have popular items of the day and recomended links, other members who saved this and "Furlmates"--other Furl members who have similar patterns.

Now how something like Furl could be used in a library. Well, there's the search/research angle that's been touched on before. Furlmates could lead to reading groups at the library. "Pathfinders" of online databases and sites could be created and made public, and linked to the library wiki, or web site--whichever is more "branded", I suppose. Furl can save an "archived copy (with refresh)"--which means if the page is down, or is changed, a copy is saved just as you read it--a boon to research paper writers.

I don't doubt that Ma.gnolia and have a lot of the same features, but Furl laid them out so that I could find (and I admit, print them out) easily, and so write about them. It certainly makes me want to use it. Now it means I'll have to check out the other two and see why they're so popular! Ack.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Highlight, copy, and paste, and I know it's not that simple. And then I look for export...or something else from another application. At least a lot of the things here in Zoho act like a regular word processing program, Although a few more fonts would have been nice, or more variety. The color is really a nice touch, though. I haven't given up on trying to move a picture, but copying and pasting would certainly be easier.

That was exciting. Harder than cutting and pasting, but not as bad as I thought. Time for a new color, in the water lily's honor. The drop down box to import the picture didn't yesterday, and I lost my entire entry, even though I thought I'd saved it, or thought I did, I hit save serveral times. I'm sure there ought to be a way to wrap the text around the picture, but after importing it, I might just leave it at that. I lost most of my settings, as you can see. And for my next experiment, I'll try sending it to my blog.Hahaha...