Monday, March 14, 2011

Thing #45

Behind again. I'll have to write this in pieces--or I'll never remember what ideas go with each software.

And I'm still not certain I'm in the correct time zone, although the time remains correct. So far. Way too much info about time zones! But a lot of good info about set up. I never know what to put when setting up a new software. How much to share, my real name, to link it to my other accounts, etc.

There was a hoax on Twitter just yesterday that took in a lot of peopl, sign up for, and many did, without knowing what it was, by giving them their Twitter sign in. Who to trust, what to email

GMAILI hadn't been using Gmail, just my hotmail/Live mail. So I had to set up in Gmail. Now I see why it was touted. All of this is making me want to check my settings in Outlook and Live/Hotmail, and other software I've been interacting with. I had noticed a change with Netvibes I need to consult with someone about--I've already tried to figure that change out for myself.

Outlook is my email at work.  So I haveseveral, with the account numbers for the different vendors, or when I forward  online newsletters, the passwords needed to read the newsletters. Signatures sometimes need to be taylored to be recieved in plain text or  can be designed in rich text, in color, italicts, calligraphic texts, and more. It all depends on the audience, the effect, the information, you need to portray. Study some of the signatures you get from vendors for ideas.

Worked on putting my existing blogs in folders, and changed the setting to latest. I think I'll like that. But it had been a while, and I couldn't remember which blogs were from "NE Learns", some searching I'd done for Acquisition & Collection Management blogs--found a few this time on Technorati, and randomw ones I'd found through readings.

There is something about the settings in Facebook that always make me want to go crosseye. I think it's the trade off between security and searchability, which I ran into looking for a girlfriend's page. I'd always thought her name was fairly unique. Wrong! But I did discover I could see what my page looked to the public. I'm thinking of loosening up, so I can be found. I have to think about it.