Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thing 25, #2&3

Weeeellll. Slid into the assignment #2 a different way, of course. It all started out decently enough, but I looked up the Library Commission, and, lo and behold, there was an obvious mistake I'd been told about by one of the vendors. So I thought I'd fix it. Plus one of the four pointers were pointing to the middle of the intersection of 12th and N. We aren't there. And we aren't in Texas. So I merrily proceed to the next step, never wondering who is supposed to really do this. Fortunately, the person heading the assignments is the one in charge of these corrections, and has been trying to get the Commission out of Texas for a while. Now she's trying to get us out of the intersection, too. Lesson learned--read the next paragraph before trying out the fun stuff!

I did work with the "getting directions" especially since I keep "losing" the South Walmart. I keep forgetting the east/west street it's on, and how far out it is. It's a little disconcerting on the satelite view, since it hasn't been built yet--and it's all built up now! A mini mall, separate food places-fast & slow, etc., and businesses across the highway, too. So that's what I did for my map--laugh if you want, but when I was buying cat food on Old Cheney, I managed to get to and from Walmart without calling the Mounties. Which would have been embarrassing this far from the Canadian border.

I think Google Maps are really impressive additions to social networking for Libraries--show how to get to your library, what it looks like, what you have inside, provide coupons for first timers, first time card holders, coupons for fine forgiveness for certain days--whatever your imagination comes up with! Bookmobile routes, I think someone mentioned, I thought was a really cool thing to show on a Google Map. Maybe coordinate with the local bookstores, too, and other important points of interest. (Like the libraries and bookstores in neighboring towns?) Hmm. http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=5853448300527813539&postID=8342580170875171819

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