Friday, August 21, 2009

Thing #27, part 2

Well I'm having fun and learning how to get around on Facebook. It's still a little frustrating from time to time, getting the hang of commenting on someone else's wall, getting used to the comments showing up under someone's original comment, and all. And I finally found the apps. All by myself! Took long enough! And I really need to do sometning about that darn picture, but do I find to upload pictures from home, when I'm there? HA! I finally got a batch printed. But guys, I've got a question. Why do you all take so many pictures of yourselves? Oh, drat, that's right, you're not all single, so those aren't just your own cameras. But, but...I don't take my own picture...(I've tried, they look weird.) I even got the Facebook app., er, whatever on my blog. I've even sighned up for a couple of groups not suggested by our fearless leader, and hope for help on one or two questions I have.

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