Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thing 32

Here's my URL for Netvibes.

Fuzzie Logic

At least I think I have a Netvibes page on public. It didn't load when I looked at it. I'll give it another try later. I used the Wizard, and then weeded several widgets out. I was really blank about what to put on the pages, really didn't want to make a "library page" Netvibe, and the more I thought about it, added some of my bookmarks via the general widget for comparison shopping for books, a tab for review sources, and a tab for Used/Antiquarian bookstores. I really felt like this was starting to be a page I could use as a homepage.

I'm still uncertain if one can add Facebook, Twitter, etc., without letting everyone in? So I didn't add Facebook after all. I did have trouble adding some of the book store sites, two were too big.

In the end, it's useable for me, and may give others some ideas about how shop for lower book prices online. Once you get used to the sites, it doesn't take too long.


Susan said...

Hey Cathy -- The content of your NetVibes page sounds really useful. I don't think it is public though - at least, I couldn't see anything :(


FuzzyLogic said...

It is now! Take a look. I can't figure out if it's better, worse or just different than my old system. Which is a file folder in "Favorites".