Monday, July 19, 2010

Thing #38

Ok, the Marketing thing.This one I had to make notes for. First I went through everyone else's blogs, to see what they'd said. One of the points I thought pertinent was that many of her patrons didn't have computers. And from my own experience with cell phones, I know coverage isn't as uniform as one thinks it should be--after all, we're not in the Rockies, but go over a hill and the phone drops your call, no matter how new your phone, or how good your coverage.

But, a good point was raised, that if one missed a program, and it was recorded and stored online you could watch it at a later date. Even if you had to go to the library to use a public-use computer. And that fact could be announced with the announcement of the program in the paper--or in the Library column in the paper!

I had an idea that one might be able to use Netvibe as a home page on the public use computers, and have some URLs there. Like a page devoted to Job sites, or one for home work help sites, or even a gamer page. And even some social networking sites. Although I'm not sure how that would work.

I think that advertising a program on the library's home page blog, the newspaper, and with posters in town would be good. Then videotape/record it, and take still shots as the program is in in process. If it's the type of program that can be totally recorded and archived, that would be great, too. A lot of parents today can't get everywhere they want to due to their kid's activities. Advertise that it will be archived on your website, and that they can come in and watch it on the computers if they don't have one at home. Then afterwards, also put short, edited bits of the program on UTube, stills on Flickr, and connect to your home page.

One thing I thought of while writing this is what a great place the library is when you're waiting for the mechanic to finish working on your car. Could be a marketing pr
ogram there.


Michael said...

I think the NetVibes idea is a great one. Sure, the library's home page is an obvious choice for the public computers but many times that's not really what someone using a public access computer is looking for. I'd definitely, make a link to library resources like the catalog and other databases front and center, but quick links to what you know your patrons are looking for could help a lot.

P.S. Love the Doctor Who quote! I've got one on my blog too.

P.P.S. Love your blog's template. Especially with all the rain we've been getting this summer.

Christa said...

Thinking about the people who can't make it to your programs is a great idea. We've had a lot of success with our recorded sessions at the Library Commission. We use YouTube and (for longer programs) to quickly and easily get our sessions out to everyone.