Friday, July 22, 2011

CPD 23

New 23 things program, and the first thing is to give a reason to go through the 23 things. It's not my first jaunt through this type of program, but I enjoy learning, and this offers a program taylor to library use. And has a slightly different slant. Not to mention a national and international flavor. It also may force me to go outside the 23 things with my blog for once. I'd also like to refine and revisit some of my original skills, too.

I've had a look at the other US bloggers, and feel truly left in the dust. I watched the initial webcast, but since that was only an hour, I could spare the time. It was FYE (fiscal year end), and we had to use up funds. So, included with the usual hurry was ordering and reordering (titles that weren't out yet, but that we needed to encumber funds for...). In other words, some additional madness. It all is taken care of, at last, but I'm far behind. But then, I'd gotten used to having a month to get a thing done in.

But at least some of the US bloggers aren't too far ahead...I can catch up. Maybe.