Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thing #23 in Library 2.0

Is this the end? Wait, two more weeks, right? Encores, right? Sigh.

I'll miss doing such talented things as posting completely empty blogs, complete with perfectly good titles. Going nuts over trying to move something, then realizing the next day, after carefully looking at the example, I was trying to move it from the wrong page. Thank goodness posting things to the blog, etc. finally got easier for me. And I finally started looking at the examples a little harder.

I did really enjoy the chance to learn new things, even, and especially since I had to work for everything I learned. It gives me a little more patience and confidence in approaching new applications. And trying to make old ones do new things. I really like Flickr, Meebo, and LibraryThing. I might even have to use Rollyo. I may have gained a little understanding of the structure of the computer...ummm, maybe not. Oh, well, almost.

I'd do another discovery program like this in a New York minute.

Can we do mashups next?

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