Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ooooooh! Far too much fun! I think I really like IM! I can see why it's so useful for Refence and help on OPACs and other library sites. Anywhere a customer might get stuck could really use help, could really use one of those widgets, linked to the right person to give that help. I asked for some etiquette pages, since I had no idea. I just blurted my question right out, without a "knock first" motion of any kind. I'm too used to writing being writing, and not being instantly read--sort of a synthesis of reading and speaking. Our chat got a little "garbled", but I think thats the fault of me not keeping it short. I'm far too much of a writer, and not enough of a talker.

And as you can see, I added a Meebo widget to the blog. In technocolor, of course.

Oh, before I forget, here are the sites,Inc Magazine:

PC Magazine:,99405-page,1/article.html

The PC Magazine article also links to articles on "Internet Lingo and Emoticons. "

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