Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Highlight, copy, and paste, and I know it's not that simple. And then I look for export...or something else from another application. At least a lot of the things here in Zoho act like a regular word processing program, Although a few more fonts would have been nice, or more variety. The color is really a nice touch, though. I haven't given up on trying to move a picture, but copying and pasting would certainly be easier.

That was exciting. Harder than cutting and pasting, but not as bad as I thought. Time for a new color, in the water lily's honor. The drop down box to import the picture didn't yesterday, and I lost my entire entry, even though I thought I'd saved it, or thought I did, I hit save serveral times. I'm sure there ought to be a way to wrap the text around the picture, but after importing it, I might just leave it at that. I lost most of my settings, as you can see. And for my next experiment, I'll try sending it to my blog.Hahaha...

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