Friday, March 21, 2008

I was instantly interested in it when I heard that it was a bookmarking site--I'd used Buble, (I think that was it's name), before it disappeared, and loved being able to have access to bookmarks at home or at Mom's computer. Occasionally it came in handy, especially since at the time she had a printer and I didn't.

But is much more than that. I don't know if I have time to set an account up anytime soon, but just searching it is fun. I clicked on one of the tags on the side, books, and found two other electronic book shelves like LibraryThing, except they also alow for listing of books you are only reading, but don't own. A neat feature. And LibraryVox, audiobook shelf...and project Gutenberg...It was interesting to read the extended tags, they really gave a good feel for the site.

I could see as a researching tool, especially for the value of the comments from other taggers. A searcher would know quickly if the terms they'd used were finding the sites they needed. But I think you'd need a quick, powerful computer and connection. I've a feeling it might take a while on my laptop on DSL. On the other hand, I need to do a little owner maintenance--check the oil and air in the tires sort of thing...hmm. Still, a lot of fun, and a lot of information.

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