Friday, March 28, 2008


I hadn't really thought of wickis as organizational tools, I'd just been used to Wickipedia--and while it organizes information, I thought of it as a reference tool/database. I think of Wickipedia entirely differently than a community of book reviews, like Book Lovers Wicki from Princeton Public Library, or a way to organize a make accessible an array of successful library programs, like Library Successes, a Best Practices Wicki. Some of these wickis actually leave the wicki completely and take you to the author's web page, in the Book Lovers Wicki's case, or to the contributing library, in the case of the Best practices wicki. They don't all look as impressive as Wickipedia, but they do a very different range of functions than the other web 2.0 apps we've used. Wickis could definitely be used to bring podcasting, blogging, flicker, and the catalog together for online patrons--this could be especially helpful for small libraries that have irregular hours. It might open up use for them. Customers could see what other people are reading, see what's been added, add comments, leave requests, and the librarian could keep a better feeling for what the public really want/need from their library.

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